Lighter. Stiffer. Stronger.


The sail weight is made up of raw materials that are needed to construct a finished sail.

The Fibre is the heaviest component, with Kevlar, Carbon, Spectra and Technora being some of the most commonly used in the construction of modern sail cloth. All of them have different properties, each being suited for various applications across the sailmaking Industry.

Mylar Films and Taffetas are applied as an outer layer enabling the sail to be handled and helps creates the flying shape/foil.

The third component is the adhesive, which holds the fibres in place to ensure they are aligned with the load paths that are designed for maximum strength and shape holding.

Patching and hardware are the last detail that adds to the overall weight. Rings, webbings, Batten pockets, UV protection are all engineered with weight saving measures during the finishing processes.

The weight of a sail this large means a crane is a must when moving and fitting the sail to the boat. All 680 kg of this Reacher is ready to go on the boat!

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